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Services: IT production or Database expertise

Database administration

Ondatafine DBA experts routinely perform miracles, or what is perceived as miracles. Whether it's a quick fix or complex brainteaser, our DBA experts thrive on the feeling of accomplishment when finding the problem and then creating a finely tuned environment.
Database and application migrations: these are best handled by experts on the platform being "migrated to". Companies often do not have the skilled resources available to properly architect a new environment. Ondatafine brings those skills, not only with Oracle Database expertise, but also with a working knowledge of the most common source database and file systems.

Database Architecture

Architecture and design is truly at the centre of the Ondatafine Services. Whether it's for a self-contained business function-level application or an enterprise wide system, everyone knows it's extremely difficult to recover from poor or inappropriate design. Ondatafine can ensure that the most critical phase of systems development is done right. The DBA is often involved at the preliminary database-design stages. Through the involvement of the DBA, many problems that might occur can be eliminated. The DBA knows the DBMS and system, can point out potential problems, and can help the development team with special performance considerations.

Engineering and consulting

We want you to think of Ondatafine as your best partner for Oracle database consulting. From designing and architecting new database systems to tuning Oracle, to seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle systems. By modeling the data, it is possible to optimize the system layout to take the most advantage of the I/O subsystem.

In addition to these skills, Ondatafine also provides ONDATAPERF tools to simplify the PERFORMANCE process (see left picture).


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