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We provide ORACLE database performance analysis using your STATSPACK report or AWR METRICS that is generated from your database. All that is required are simple text files (reports) that are uploaded to the OnDataperf performance analysis engine. Analyze can be done manually or unattended utilizing the OnDataperf web service


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Output Charts

24 snapshots (see X axis) with elapsed time 1 hour, are recommended into the zip file, to find the bottleneck in the response time.

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Output Report

The identification of the bottlenecks is immediate in a few seconds, and is represented by charts with traffic lights, comments and solutions.

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How to install the (free) statspack utility and how some web resources can help you generate the reports you need for proactive monitoring.


You can find this video on YouTube web site: Click here

The author of this video is Stéphane FAROULT (He is also the author of "The Art of SQL", published by O.Reilly in March 2006.)